0.9c Pre Beta Released
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New 0.9c Beta Prerelease released for testing purposes on the forum! forum!

In order to get access to this prerelease you must be registered in the forum as beta tester. You can request your subscription here.


Many new features have been included and also a lot of rewritting and optimizing has been done!!! This is what I remenber I've changed :P:

- Plugin compatibility improvements. Tested to work: rltoday, HTC Home, ADBWeatherPlus, Metrix, BatteryStatus, Messaging, Music Plugin.
- A plugin row can now contain multiple plugins by placing them separated by ';'. Also a new configuration element type has been added called 'todayplugin' that will show a list of all the plugins with check boxes. Check the config of the default them to see this new feature....
- Integration with dcinobar. Is installed with the cab and can be run by placing a check on ThrottleConfig. By the way, anyone know whos the author of this tool? I'll like to give him credit...
- Solved a bug with contact loading wich makes excesive memory ussage... Now it must be near half memory usage for the contacts page!!!
- Many improvements to try to save memory. Contacts and images are not saved in memory.
- Backbuffering for every page to speed up page changing.
- Solved some bugs regarding non jpg images element.
- New option to scroll by pages (pagedscrolling="true" on rows). Check programs page or the main page clock to understand . Works really cool with iPhone like setups!!!
- Many more I don't remember... Will post them latter...

Known bugs:
- Some blinking when starting up.
- Some plugins doesn't work.... Please post them here if you find them and post the plugins you're using that worked...

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