ConceptFS by FiReSlAvE
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Great version of the Concept theme designed by Destri for WAD2.... now for ThrottleLauncher thanks to FiReSlAvE. The theme is designed for wqVGA (Omnia).


The theme works like a charm and provides access to all your device options in a really clean and cool way. 




Find a little video here:

Video of ConceptFS theme by FiReSlAvE


Download the theme here at the forums:

ConceptFS by FiReSlAvE, Theme designed by destri

Comments (15)
  • APBilbo
    Great work!! :)
  • Priscilla
    Please make it easy for me and make a .cab file

    It looks great I just wish I knew how to make it work when installing the zip file on my phone I don't know where to go from there. Thanks!
  • dam
    Great work !
  • eduardo
    esta de mas gracias
  • eduardo  - temA
  • roberto
    complimenti. il tuo lavoro mi ha veramente impressionato.
    un saluto
  • Anonymous
    Hi I'm new to this and this is my first theme downloaded, and i see few misalignment on the date, how can i rectify this?
  • Ben
    This is absolute the art BOMB

    does it work on HTC HD2
  • miguelcon74

    I am new I seen this and want to know how to get it to work for the omnia II? I've installed throttlelauncher and then installed this unzipped into t.l. setups but it says initializing but doesn't do anything?


  • fiona
  • xiuye0
  • aron
    yhank you
  • free
    good theme i lik t
  • Anonymous
    es muy bueno
  • tota
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