ThrottleLauncher 1.1 almost here!
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Snakes moving in the backgroundSynce 1.0, We have been working on some great improvements for the next version of ThrottleLauncher. Now we are almost ready to release it.


First of all, we have focused in improving the speed. On fast devices, like the HD2, ThrottleLauncher was working pretty well, but it was a little bit slow on some other like diamond and Omnia II. In this upcomming version ThrottleLauncher we have speed the rendering up to a 40% (depending on the device).

Other of the improvements if the posibility of including Live Wallpapers inside the themes. You can check the video to see the one that will be included by default with the light3D theme. The live wallpapers are plugins based developments so anyone with some c# knowledge can develop it's own. We will release some source samples when 1.1 version is ready.



This new version will be also shipped with many new widgets including:

- Facebook plugins: showing your stream, friends, notifications and allowing you to update your status.

- RSS Widget: that shows pictures and description of an RSS source.

- Comm management widget: Sense UI like Comm management widgets.

- Bing search: a widget that allows you to search bing directly inside ThrottleLauncher.

- SystemInfo: that shows you your devices free memory, storage and battery status.

ThrottleLauncher 1.1 will hopefully be released during the next week... so keep an eye on this website!!


Snakes moving in the background!!


If you want to try the lattest build, download this one :)

Comments (51)
  • h4x0r3d  - w0w
    i can't wait to play with it in my omnia 2
  • Miguel  - help with omnia II themes

    I have an omnia II but can only get one or two themes to work.

    I want to get the conceptfs to work and the mario theme and the hero theme and the iphone theme and the wm7 working but they won't initialize.

    Can you help me?


  • spectra9  - Fingers crossed
    Hope it will run fast on my Acer F900 (same CPU as Omnia II)
  • sylin
    i wil be right here waiting for you !
  • yph7414
    i cab't wait to use this :D
  • manny
    this looks awesome! cant wait to try it out on my omnia
  • manny  - .
    cant wait to try this out on my omnia , it looks awesome
  • cyber-junkie
    I'm really happy to read this great news!
    My Omnia II is waiting :D
  • gallant_suri  - It's a great App
    It's such a great app to customize and load all the market running brands proprietary user interfaces. Must have app in all the touch based windows mobiles. Day by day I'm falling in love with TL :love:
  • user  - awesome
    Come on! I cannot wait anymore.....
  • Symbiontsoul  - sqvga
    can there be support for many themes for this great program but very few support sqvga. :angry-red: hopefull this will change with the new release!
  • boomertrooper  - touch diamond fan
    YEA Yay Yerrrr.... gonna pimp my phone out!!
  • vangelis beligiannis  - GREEK?
    will the new TL support Greek language?
  • Anonymous
  • siddhartha gandhi  - HTCP3400i
    will this support HTC P3400i ?? :?:
  • APBilbo
    Theorically it will ;)
  • Anonymous  - release
    I guess the "released during the next week" has gone the way of WinMo7, delayed. I feel foolish clicking refresh on this page 5 times a day for the past week.
  • coppolla
    where can i download it
  • APBilbo
    C'mon man... it's in the answer right above yours :P
  • sdfk;m  - ooohhhh
    this is so fuckin sexy call me 909 287 9359
  • Adam Turner  - text input
    where do i download the text input u used in your youtube video
  • APBilbo
    Download 1.1.1 at the forums. It's included in that version ;).
  • CNDRK  - Throttle Launcher BUG (?)
    i just installed the latest publich beta (1.1.3) and there is a problem..

    i have enough RAM/Memory for anything, but when i start opera mobile 10, i see nothing but just the WM loading animation.. Phone hangs..

    Im using Toshiba TG01.. I dont know what could cause this, but i hope you can fix this soon..
  • APBilbo
    Please open a thread at the forum and post your ThrottleToday.txt logs (enable Logging in ThrottleConfig).
  • sander  - sms
    I really like the look of your rss feed app.

    Would it be possible to create a sms text message app that works similar.

    so a scrollable list of all received messages.
    next to each message a reply and delete button.
    when you click on the message itself it should show the message thread with that person. :)
  • APBilbo
    Yeah! That's totally doable :). Just need to find some time to make it :-S
  • Anonymous  - Acer
    Acer S200 support? This device is have 1 Gz processor!!
  • APBilbo  - re: Acer
    Ofcourse! :). Same processor as the HD2... it will work like a charm!!
  • dev  - re: re: Acer
    but on this device (Acer S200) works slowly. why?
  • APBilbo  - re: re: re: Acer
    Please, enable logging and post the log files (ThrottleToday.txt) at the forum.... It should work fast... even without 3D acceleration...
  • dev
    has created a post :)
  • chameli  - kab karoge
    arey bc mc kab karogey isey release...tumahri maa ney rok rakha h kya tumko ?
  • APBilbo  - Please, write comments in english....
    It is already released for testing at the forums...
  • yph7414
    You should make so it runs fast on older Windows Mobile Phones too. ;)
  • niro2
    On my acer Neotouch S200 (aka F1) it runs fine but eat my battery. Need the 1.1.5 much more energy?
  • dev
    i installed TL 1.1.5 on my HTC Mega today.. i enabled colored snake plugin still cant see anything on screen.. =\
    does it support my device ??
  • Michael  - Any news
    Any news on the full release?
  • stanley teh  - problem installing in htc kaiser
    i'm installing the version 1.1.9 on my kaiser but it only keep on showing initializing, any idea how to solve it ?
  • APBilbo
    First try opening ThrotleConfig and select (again) the Light3D theme in the themes dialog. If that doesn't work, please, enable the log file and post it (ThrottleToday.txt) in the forums.
  • raef  - big problem not fixed from release the 1.0.1 ver.
    same problem and its not fixed ...i like the program but cant use
    when i start the program it only keep on showing initializing ....i try opening ThrotleConfig and select (again) the Light3D theme in the themes dialog. but same problem :(
  • AJRING  - Swype
    Will version 1.1 support swype keyboard???
  • AJayRing  - Swype
    WIll this version support the swype keyboard?
  • Anonymous
    This new version will be also shipped so that means we have to pay for this now :(
  • none  - right
    yea take to long where is it
  • Patrick Becks  - disappointed
    I tried the latest throttlelock and throttlelauncher on my i900 Omnia and was disappointed...

    Both had problems functioning. (Tlock was not able to hide the standard popup message of windows mobile 6.5.3 when someones called me (id-picture and slide to answer where "hidden" behind the WM-popup)

    Throttlelauncher is kinda slow on my I900.

    Guess i will stich to SPB-mobile shell and Naong MobileSense theme.
  • KP  - Good
    Good on my HTC Touch Dual (6.1 Pro)
  • uday  - need help
    hi guys,
    i have installed the latest version on my diamond. but unable to enjoy it. when i open it, it restarts 3 times. and the 3rd time it gets stuck on the page saying ' throtel launcher started/displaying.

    can anyone hel with this plz.

    thanking in advanse.

  • cihan  - thankssss
  • victor manuel ramirez  - lo mejor
    sigan mejorando es lo mejor
  • Prince z
    is this app running on htc touch p3450
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