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ThrottleLock 0.7 3D "Eye Tracking" effect
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This is the new feature available in ThrottleLock 0.7 for GSensor enabled devices.... Check it out in the download section! Smile

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  • SriramKris06

    Excellent work there...I wud really love to have this application over anyother like S2U2 and all as Throttle Lock looks completely different and amazing...Kudos...since iam new to HD world, can u pls tell me if the appointments can be shown here
  • Flitz
    Sorry but I might have entered a pattern and cant remember now.

    Anyway in the first use you should prompt some text like "this is your first execution of ThrottleLock, to this program work you should enter a pattern, please set it now. You will be able to change it later. Then ask for a pattern and another message appear 'now repeat the patter'. And then the program is launched!"

    Where I can reset my pattern? there are some key in the registry or file to delete?
  • APBilbo
    Sorry for the inconvenience. I´ve commited an error creating the cab and I've uploaded it with a built in pattern. The pattern is this one:

    [X] [ ] [ ]
    [ ] [X] [ ]
    [ ] [ ] [X]
    [ ] [ ] [ ]

    Please try it... If you cannot get your device unlocked you can always reset the pattern by deleting the lockcode.txt file located in your ThrottleLock instalation folder...

    Sorry for the inconvenience...

    BTW. the cab file is now OK ;).
  • stifan
    to good software
  • lvliqiiang
    holle!i like use throttlelock!
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