Wm7 Theme V0.2 by m.schmidler & blazingwolf
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preview Check out the new version of this theme... It's awesome!!!

You can read more about this theme update here

If you like it thank m.schmidler  & blazingwolf for their awesome work!




Via: PPC Insider

Comments (20)
  • tim s
    i downloaded Wm7 from this site but when i try to install on touch pro it says i need a code or not licenced . can you advise on how to correct this problem
    great app, can't wait to try
    thanks in advance
  • APBilbo
    Follow the top left banner link from this site for more info on licenses. You can download free licenses here:

    Just enter the text in the image and download :-)
  • priince
    I like this theme better than few others that I tried, mainly because of its simplicity and ease of use.

    I am facing few issues with it though. I have HTC Touch (Sprint) with PocketPC. I installed this theme with throttle launcher. When I slide the rectangle having "Upcoming Appointment", the next rectangle is not aligned correctly and only half of it appears on the screen.
  • priince
    Please ignore my concern. Looks like it is working. I did not completely close the Launcher after changing the settings.

    For future readers with same problem, make sure you close the application completely and restart after making the changes.

  • tshepo maksi
    hey dis is nice
  • farinha
  • dorittos  - icons
    Very nice theme!! Amazing fast with throttle launcher.

    One question,

    In the printscreen i can see some more stylish icons, is it possible to add them to a p3600 or they come with different mobile?
  • dorittos  - just adding
    The icons I'm talking are the ones on the traybar.
  • APBilbo
    The icons are from the ROM used by m.schmidler... I don't know if there's a similar ROM for p3600.

    Thanks for the comment :D
  • davod
    Ok then, thanks

  • Rohit Singh  - i can not instal the theme
    Hello friends i download this theme but in the downloaded soft there is no .cab or other format
    file from which i can install it on my HTC P3400. in it there is only png & web files.

    If any one has the solution of this please provide..............THANKS
  • APBilbo
    Just uncompress the zip and copy the folder that is inside to \ProgramFiles\ThrottleLauncher\Setups. Now open ThrottleConfig. The new theme must show in the combo box. Please post a question on the forum if you have more doubts.
  • Daniel  - Very useful....
    Downloaded it a couple weeks ago.. I love it, the useability is great and with a little reading adding app boxes or changing backgrounds is a breeze. for those that can't use it read the requirements and it will be easy. I added an app box for my games and changed some backgrounds to my liking. thanks for the work... :D
  • oliver
  • Anonymous
    If any one has the solution of this please provide..............THANKS
  • phillip
    please help, downloaded the theme unzipped it to my memory card where throttle launcher is located and still not able to run not sure what I'm doing wrong, what file should I load in throttle launcher
  • rtimi  - how to use it on new cooked roms for wm6.5.3
    so tell me Daniel since you're enjoying this how you did it and how do u download it to you windows phone
  • ahmad  - engineer
  • Parsa  - Compatibility ?
    Does it have any compatibility problems with HTC MINI HD ?
  • imad  - TELICHARGE
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