ThrottleExplorer 0.2
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A new version of this awesome file explorer. Many great improvements have been included and also a fully redesigned UI by Lycox.




- It 's compatible with all screen resolutions and all devices

- WM5 or greatter

- NET.CF 2.0 - 3.5


Main Features

  • Multidisplay support (all screen resolutions!)
  • Awesome diamond default theme designed by Lycox!
  • Extremly finger friendly
  • Smooth and light.
  • D-Pad support.
  • Really fast navigation
  • Send files over bluetoosh
  • Copy, Paste, delete and edit files and folders properties.
  • Order and grouping by Date, Extension and First Letter. Groups can be collapsed.
  • Fully skinable.
  • Scrolling on the right moves directly between categories
  • Fullscreen: Minimize using a top-down gesture.





Note: this is a beta version. Use at your own risk.

If you want to provide any feedback or need any help, feel free to use the forum. Any comments are really apreciated.

Hope you like it! Smile


Comments (15)
  • Natefish79
    The picture on shows a black skin on this app. How can we get that?
  • Gutte
    Really like the concept! Think the ThrottleExplorer app has a great future, but there are still things to be done. One that I find necessary is to mark folders in Favorites folder list with a sign showing if they reside in the phone memory or on the memory card. There may be folders with the same name on both of them! And what about the UI, can I get white text on a black background on my HTC Touch Dual?
    Looking forward to enhanced versions!
  • priince
    Nice app. I find it very useful except when am trying to scroll through the folders and files and if I tap hard all apps, files, folders start opening :( What are the settings to get rid of this?

  • Rajesh S singh
    Hi, i want to creat folders to store messages in different folders. Can u guide me pls.
  • Draco Inc  - Black bground
    Natefish79, you have to download the ThrottleExplorer 0.1 vresion to get the black bacground
  • christophe  - essai de loge
  • christophe  - throttle explorer
    non massage
  • Anonymous  - No developing work?
    Is nothing done to enhance this good idea for a sw? :(
  • Anonymous
    Currently the focus is in ThrottleLauncher... After there will be improved versions of ThrottleLock and ThrottleExplorer using some of the graphic improvements from ThrottleLauncher to make them work faster :).
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous  - Throttle Exloprer .02
    Thank you for finally creating a decent Finger Friendly Explorer for windows Mobile i love this app and hope that you can find time to develop this further the GUI and skin are easy to use and understand and make navigating my devices folders and files so easy and it blends into Manila sense perfectly,

    I would like to make a request that you add one option to your context menu (Send short cut to Programs)and also think about integrating Throttle storage that would blow this application out of this world

    Regards W@pvirus frm XDA
  • gabe  - use program as default file explorer
    I much prefer your file explorer to WM 6 default.

    Do you have any directions on how to modify WM 6 so that your file explorer is the default file explorer and not the standard one included in the stock build.

    A reg edit or any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Nice App!
  • kristouf  - 2 improvment for the best explorer for windows mob
    - bug opening the windows directory
    - In a directory with a lof of files, we need to scroll up before going back
    Anyway, still the best...
  • DennisK  - Throttle explorer
    I love the app. WOrks great, except "Send by bluetooth" is grayed out on my HD2. Any ideas?
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