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ThrottleLauncher 1.0.1 is here! ThrottleLauncher 1.0 was almost perfect, but during the first week of testing some bugs appeared. This version includes some fixes over 1.0 plus some improvements, especially for the widgets. Check the bottom of this entry for the complete changelog.




This software is provided AS IS, use it at your own risk.... and read all this page before installing!!

Please if you use this app, any feedback will be wellcome and will help in further development and bug solving. To post feedback use this web forum or the XDA developers one (search for the ThrottleLauncher thread ofcourse).

ThrottleLauncher will disable the security checks for 3rd party software from your device. This is necesary because TL uses reflection to load assemblies and the popup dialog will crash the system if it appears.


  • CPU: > 200 Mhz (the higer the better)
  • Storage Memory: ~5 MB (depends on the themes installed)
  • Main memory: ~8 MB (depends on the themes installed)
  • NET.CF 2.0 installed. (NET.CF 3.5 recommended)
  • Windows Mobile 5.0 or Greatter.
  • In order to use OpenGL mode you need 3D accelerated hardware (normally available in all wVGA and VGA devices).
  • Any device manufacturer and screen resolutions are supported!!


First of all, before installing, please perform a system backup. ThrottleLauncher 1.0 has succesfully passed the testing of more than 30 prerelases tested by betatesters to ensure your device is safe. Though this software is provided AS IS and without any waranty.

  1. Backup your device data.
  2. If you don't have a previous instalation skip to point 5.
  3. Unselect the ThrottleToday plugin if you have it activated.
  4. Softreset
  5. Copy the cab file to your device using ActiveSync and continue this steps using your device.
  6. Install the file. You can install it to any media, but installing to device memory is strongly recomended.
  7. Uncheck all other today plugins and select ThrottleToday (Start Menu > Settings > Today).
  8. ThrottleLauncher must now be showing on your Today screen. Congrats!!

The Light3D theme includes a little startup guide :).



Download Themes & Widgets



ThrottleLauncher is a fully customizable UI framework. This means that you can achieve almost anything with it. There are themes making TL work really similar iPhone, WM7, Android, Hero, BBStorm and many other original themes like ConceptFS. BBSmart4D, SwitchBlade or PlanetcureFS. Just look arround this web and the forums... there are lot's of great themes available. Also if you feel brave enough you can create your own theme :).


Some of the themes (like the Light3D theme) support widgets. Widgets are small items you can attach to the theme and drag&drop arround. Each widget may have it's own configuration. There are lot's of widgets available at this web and at the forums. Check'em out!


If you need support please try searching the forums for an answer. If you still can't solve the problem don't hesitate to open a support ticket or post at the forum. Answer is not waranted but we will try out best.

Also please follow the trouble shooting guide.


ThrottleLauncher is a freeware app, though it does have a licensing system. The free licenses are only valid for a period of 3 months. After that amount of time a red text will apear on the top but everything will continue working normally. Just go and get a new license :). If you contribute to the ThrottleLauncher comunity by any means (contributing themes, designs, widgets, donating, etc) you will get a live time license.

You can get the free licenses here: Licenses

Thanks to

  • My girlfriend for her patience and support. I love you!!
  • brsev for allowing us to use his Token icon set
  • FiReSlAvE, Ryomahino and EvgeniyKO: for their great designs.
  • All the beta testers for their hard (and great) work. Special thanks to Kuifje, m.schmidler, eww245 and brunoisa10.
  • Everyone that has ever helped me to lead this proyect to what it's now (rumball, gullum, maxniper, sergio, james allen, and much more).


Hope you like it!! :)




Core changes:


  • Speed improvement (FPS limited to 60).
  • Solved weather not showing images problem.
  • Weather can now be taken from Accuweather, ConflippersWeather (using accuweather code preceded by '#') and Google weather (with 'City, Country' format).
  • Weather now tries to geolocate by IP address to get the correct weather when the locations is 'auto' (without the quotes).
  • Solved Stocks plugin loading issue.
  • Solved issues when texts contain non ASCII characters (they will not show, but they will not make TL crash).
  • Backgrounditem issue when row is not scrollable.
  • Added textimagesscale to scale the textimages (wasn't supporting high dpi screen graphics).
  • Solved an issue when calling :Page action inside threaded procedures without OpenGL.
  • Improved Haptic Feedback.
  • Solved running applications updating issues.
  • AppToDate support


Light3D theme:


  • Contacts now works with both kinetic and direct scrolling.
  • Icons now show pressed event.


Improved widgets:


  • Weather widget not showing pictures problem. Now should work Out of the Box, even showing the correct location by geoip. (Remove all cities to go back to default values).
  • Includes a search widget plugin for google (just launches the browser).
  • Chaged appointments graphics.
  • Monthcalendar widget now allows 2 sizes for both week view and month view.
  • Includes a NitrogenControl widget.



Comments (48)
  • Neil
    Super, thanks for the update! Weather works again, (it appears I have to use Google, and not accuweather for my location)
  • APBilbo
    You should also try adding # infront of your accuweather location. That will use an alternative accuweather method ;).
  • Neil
    Thanks for the tip, That works too! :D
  • marshhd  - won't work
    hi I downloaded the cab onto my phone and all it says is installatoon unsuccessful plz help I'm using htc hd2
  • APBilbo
    Try downloading it again. Sometime the downloaded file is corrupt.
  • carlos  - no me fona
    Fonso, buenas tardes, soy Carlos de santiago de compostela, el tema es que en la pantalla me pone lo siguiente "throttleLauncher started Displaying"
    Pero el caso es que no aparece esta interfaz, que narices hago mal, segui los pasos al pie de la letra, mi dispositivo es una cruiser con una rom de pcarvalho con drivers 3d en un 6.5.
    Incompatibilidad con estos drivers?
    Un gran abrazo y felicidades por tu trabajo, no tengo manera de calificarlo ya que ademas de original es increiblemente bueno ;) un saludiño
  • APBilbo
    Muchas gracias Carlos!

    Posiblemente sea lo que dices... incompatibilidad con los driver 3d (supongo que serán los de HTCClassAction). Abre ThrottleConfig (aplicación que debe estar en tu menú de inicio), ve a general y deshabilita la aceleración 3D. Prueba a reiniciar a ver si la aplicación consigue arrancar.

  • Jason
    The download button just goes to a products page which immediately links back to this page.
  • APBilbo
    Wich browser are you using? Please try downloading from a desktop IExplore, Firefox 3.5 or Chrome (it works for me on those 3).
  • PaulH
    Im afraid it still doesnt work in iexplore / chrome or firefox, just keeps taking you round in a loop
  • APBilbo  - Ok... my fault sorry...
    Ok, you were all right... I've confirmed it was not working under some circumstances... :(. I've solved it already, please try again now.
  • Joce  - why does it relaod constantly
    There seems to be a problem with TL 1.01 ... it's reloading constantly on its own without any reasons. like 3 to 4 times in 2 minutes. What could be the problem? I'm on WinMobile 6.something.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Dhairya Bhardwaj
    There seems problem, Once message or mail arrives or we miss a call , one text box appears, if we click it goes to list of msg or misscall history,
    after coming back to main screen, box doesnt disappear neither we can close it.
  • APBilbo
    Please post a thread at the bug report section of the forum along with the log file (throttletoday.txt).
  • Dhairya Bhardwaj
    I m sorry forgot to thank you its gr8 work again, nd see if u can give option to replace top bar,
  • edbolin
    cant install cab. using a tp2....any ideas?
  • APBilbo
    Try downloading the CAB file again.
  • edbolin
    i have several times and still no luck.
  • Saurabh  - broken / bad link
    there seems to b some prob with d throttle download link. i tried downloadin nd installin .cab directly on phn bu it always shows unsuccessful. what culd the prob be..??
  • Mike
    The download link is "corrupted" - it forwards to a page, and I can not download the application trohhlelauncher 1.0.1
  • APBilbo  - @everyone that have had problems with the download
    Please try again... If you still encounter problems, I will post a mirror at the forum.

    Please also report the web browser and OS you're using.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • Benjiuk  - HD2 install issues
    I have tried to download and install a number of times on my HD2. IT keeps saying installation unsuccessful when i run the cab, reading the comments im not the only one. any suggestions.
  • Benjiuk
    I have tried to download and install a number of times on my HD2. IT keeps saying installation unsuccessful when i run the cab, reading the comments im not the only one. any suggestions.
  • Robin Verdegaal  - Will not download correctly with Opera 9.x
    For those who have tried to download the installer with Opera, but got a 1.97K uninstallable cab: try downloading with Internet Explorer. Worked for me.
  • Anonymous
  • Magawa  - am rom cooker .... some help
    on my omnia 1 graphics are soo bad and weather icons are too bad graphics

    i think omnia have d3d driver ( should work )

    I will make a rom for omnia included this throttle launcher but I need more graphical theme

    can you ( make , give tweak , do some thing ) to the theme ???

    now I can make roms for omnia i900

    thanks very much for this app

  • Juan Martin  - Error
    I have instaled Throttle Launcher on my Omnia i900 and an error is displayed.
  • Juan Martin  - Throttle Launcher - Omnia
    Throttle Launcher no anda bien en Omnia i900
    Throttle Launcher doesn´t work properly in Omnia i900
  • Manuel  - No carga bien con HD2
    Ante todo muchísimas gracias a gente como tu que nos facilita todo este software para nuestros PDA. Saludos, he visto que tu estás trabajando con un HD2, pero yo no tengo manera. siempre me dice ThrottleLauncher started Displaying, pero luego no me muestra nada más. Tal y como muestras en otro comentario, he deshabilitado la opción de aceleración de hardware y he cambiado también el theme por si acaso,... siempre me hace lo mismo. Alguna sugerencia?
    Muchas gracias de antemano
  • Manuel  - Se me olvidaba
    Puede ser por mi versión de radio?, también le tengo hecho un HSPL2 con la útlima versión de reom oficial de HTC...
  • APBilbo
    Hola Manuel,

    deberías probar a abrir ThrottleConfig y seleccionar el tema ahí. También habilita los logs si sigue fallando y abre un hilo en el foro adjuntando ese archivo.

    Aseguraté también de que tienes el NET.CF 3.5 instalado.
  • Manuel  - ya está
    Joder tío que velocidad :) al final he visto que la única manera de que me funcione es instalando todo en la ram no en la Sd. Así que ahora funciona perfectamente. Muchíiiisimas gracias. No tienes una cuenta Donate de Paypal? me gustaría hacer una aportación
  • APBilbo  - re: ya está
    Me alegro :). Deberías probar la versión 1.1.3 que está en el foro ;) (no hace falta registrarse). Por supuesto, se agradecen donaciones, mira en la cabecera de la página ;).
  • fAZernERo  - Version Issue
    I've installed v1.0.1 on my HTC Blackstone but looking in the "About" section displays v1.0 RC4.
    It is normal?

  • nitin  - installation
    hey i'v downloaded these application....and have extracted tomy htc p3400i....but i can't find any setup file........plz help me out!! how to install it on my device?
  • mailto_alex  - HVGA again not supported
    HVGA 480X320 is again not supported!!! SUCKS!! PS Still hope that you fix it
  • APBilbo
    Have you tried the 1.1.10 version? It's available at the forums... Please report there how it works for you ;).

  • Anonymous  - A simple problem please help!!
    i installed everything correctly and it works just fine.. the only thing i hate is that everytime i press the "back" key or the "home" key it always goes back to my htc sense (windows 6.5) home screen. and i will then have to press start then press the throttlelauncher icon again to start it up. is there a fix to this.. i dont want this to simply look like just a program that i have to keep on running everything i unlock myphone.
  • carlyto
    no comments
  • carlyto
    no comment
  • pipo  - se me cierra ThrottleLauncher
    una vez instalado i activado con el 3 months free i el tema de windows 7 al encenderlo se reinicia todo el rato cada 10 segundos reinicia la app i se cierra asi siempre pero ahora , se cierra i se termina ahi hay que volver a iniciar ThrottleLauncher .. tengo un samsung omnia i900 gracias compañeros...

  • Anonymous
  • chickenlittle  - feedback
    hey the throttle launcher 1.0.1 works mostly great on my device(SE xperia x1)but there is an issue when i open the keypad while on the home screen,what happens is the screen goes all crazy and sometimes it crashes.also if i could use the same app many times on the home screen that would really make my day, what i mean by that is if i could for example use the clock app 2 or more times so i can make it appear on many screens.but great app also when will the new version be coming out.
  • Anonymous
    hay i have 1.o.1 in htc touch dual but its to slow,please optimmal seting to speed
  • thiyam  - crashes wen i use the back button
    the TL runs fine in my xperia x2 but wen ever i press the back button or the cancell button o even the start button the application crashed n i m back wid my last used panel....HELP!!!
  • Nikolas  - Error starting TL
    hi! i followed exactly the installation guide and started the TL but when it says TL is displaying they a strange rror appears for some skins and then a text appears says me I start the TL first time thnx for trying it swipe your finger bla bla and then the whole phone freezes! and nothing i can do i have to remove the battery and then start ti again ! plz help
  • Nikolas  - Wrong
    Never mind i fixed it just removed the battery and restarted now works fine !
  • heylop  - graph error
    hey there ! everything works almost fine the only prob is that all the graphics are just sh*ty most of the widgets are small and with awfull graphics . the only fine workin is tha weather widget!any idea how to fix this ? using HTC Touch HD T8282 Windows Mobile 6.1 no custom rom net3.5 installed
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