ThrottleStorage 1.0 Final!
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Have you ever though.... where is my storage space going to!!.... This is a new app I've developed!! Smile. It shows you graphically how your storage space is beeing used displaying a circular chart so you can eassily locate which folders are taking more storage. You can navigate through all of your folders and analize each one in detail or exclude them from the report. Eassy and simple!!

This app concept is based on the clasic FileLight linux app. All credits for their idea go for them (or who ever they take the idea from...)







If you like the app please consider placing a donation Wink.
Please, this page contains important information. Take some time reading it before using the app. You can also use the forum to share your experience and ask for support.


There's theorically no way this software can damage your device or it's contents. Although, use this software at your own risk.... and read all this page before installing!!

This app is licensed for personal use or to be included in free or comercial products as long as a link to this web and the apropiate credits are is included. If you wanna share it, please post a link to this page.... Respect my work!

It may take some time to start up depending on the amount of files and folders on your device....


- Net.CF 2.0 or 3.5 installed

- 30 KB of storage space.

- 1.5 MB of free mem.

- Will theorically work on any device screen! Even in your computer!!


Like any CAB file Smile. Copy it to your device and execute it from there. It will create a shortcut on the programs list.


Startup the app... It will start exploring your device to take the sizes of the files, please be patient it may take from 30 secconds to a couple of minutes depending on the amount of files....

When the app has ended loading the info if will display a little cake graphic. The biggest pieces of the cake are the folders taking more space. You can tap&hold on a folder (for about 2 secconds) and a menu will popup with 3 options:

- Browse: will open the explorer in the selected foder.

- Analize: will draw a "cake" using that folder as source.

- Exclude from report: will remove that folder from the report.

You can also drag your finger on the cake to see the diferent folders and it's sizes on the top text label.




- Configurable number of levels to show.

- Show/Hide legend with top 3 folders in report.

- Solved a little typo from the previous version... Now it's "analyzeEmbarassed

Comments (13)
  • mehdi oloumi
    It is a good program, but do you can make a program for diffragmenting storage card?
  • Leon
    You don't need to defragment storage cards - fragmentation does not affect their performance, In fact, defragging will wear out flash memory faster!
  • hadidi  - throttle storages
  • Anonymous
    excelente programa
  • Luca  - Download doesn't work?
    Hello, this seem to be a very nice application, but I could not download it. everytime I click the download link I am sent back to the home page.
    this seem to happen for any download link.
  • Sanket Totewar  - Nice
    Looks more like the spin-off of the disk utility program on Ubuntu, though...
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