ThrottleStorage 1.0 Final!
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Have you ever though.... where is my storage space going to!!.... This is a new app I've developed!! Smile. It shows you graphically how your storage space is beeing used displaying a circular chart so you can eassily locate which folders are taking more storage. You can navigate through all of your folders and analize each one in detail or exclude them from the report. Eassy and simple!!

This app concept is based on the clasic FileLight linux app. All credits for their idea go for them (or who ever they take the idea from...)






Comments (15)
  • mehdi oloumi
    It is a good program, but do you can make a program for diffragmenting storage card?
  • Leon
    You don't need to defragment storage cards - fragmentation does not affect their performance, In fact, defragging will wear out flash memory faster!
  • James
    seems so good
  • sam
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • hadidi  - throttle storages
  • ketankr
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
    excelente programa
  • Luca  - Download doesn't work?
    Hello, this seem to be a very nice application, but I could not download it. everytime I click the download link I am sent back to the home page.
    this seem to happen for any download link.
  • Lobo  - Can't download either

    I'm having the same problem.
  • Sanket Totewar  - Nice
    Looks more like the spin-off of the disk utility program on Ubuntu, though...
  • dibbler
    Hello, the application is fantastic, the gui is comfortable and clear. The performance is also adequate.
    Congratulation for the nice job.
    I have seen the pc version years before by Steffen Gerlach.
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