At this section you can download our products. Note all of this apps are totally free to use Smile.

All the apps are compatible with all screen sizes and all devices.



  • ThrottleLauncher

    ThrottleLauncher is a fully skinable app you can use to completly change the look of your Windows Mobile device...With ThrottleLauncher you will be able to skin your windows mobile powered Pocket PC like you wish. There are lot's of themes and widgets for ThrottleLauncher available at the themes section. Check'em out!


  • ThrottleLock

    With ThrottleLock you can secure your device in a fast, cool way :). Check the themes section for a wide variety of Skins for this wonderfull lock app for your windows mobile Pocket PC.


  • ThrottleStorage

    Have you ever though.... where is my storage space going to!!..... This app will show you graphically how your storage space is beeing used displaying a circular chart so you can eassily locate which folders are taking more storage. You can navigate through all of your folders and analize each one in detail or exclude them from the report. Eassy and simple!!



  • ThrottleExplorer

    ThrottleExplorer is a completly free Windows Mobile file explorer. It's extremly finger friendly! Check it out!



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