How to add a new page to an existing theme (Basic)
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If we have an already created ThrottleLauncher theme and we want to add a new page to it. We will no explain in this tutorial how to create that page, we suppose we already have it created. First thing to do is copying the whole theme folder to your PC in order to work with the files it contains. After that copy the page's xml to the root folder of the theme and all the graphics needed for that theme.

Tip: always ensure you use #$THEME_BASE# before any path to reference the location of the theme path. For example if we have a theme called "Example", and we want to reference a file located at "/portal/Tutorials/ThrottleLauncher/how_to_add_a_new_page_to_an_existing_theme_basic/ExamplePngsmypic.png" we will point it as "/portal/Tutorials/ThrottleLauncher/how_to_add_a_new_page_to_an_existing_theme_basic/index.html". This way if we want to move pages from one theme to another or install the theme in diferent media the references will be automatically loaded.

Now we have decide where we are going to place the "link" to that page. Commonly we will want to add it to the footer. Let's take for example the TF3D theme, and we want to add a new page called Operations. First thing to do will be including the page tag to reference our page inside the config.xml file:

Config.xml page tag code example
<page name="Operations" loadonstartup="XXXX" autounload="YYYY" import="/portal/Tutorials/ThrottleLauncher/how_to_add_a_new_page_to_an_existing_theme_basic/operations.xml" />


Tip: ensure that you add this page outside any order tag.

Now we have to decide the policy of loading for the page. If we are going to use it from time to time it's recomended that you set loadonstartup to false to safe RAM and speed the theme startup. Also if it's a page that is going to take too much RAM or that has some kind of items (like images listing) that does not autoupdate we will have to set autounload to true. Anyway the common settings for this will be loadonstartup="true" and autounload="false".
Once we have added the page tag we have to add the footer icon to give access to the page. For that icon we will need a png image "/portal/Tutorials/ThrottleLauncher/how_to_add_a_new_page_to_an_existing_theme_basic/oprations.png", and avatar "/portal/Tutorials/ThrottleLauncher/how_to_add_a_new_page_to_an_existing_theme_basic/oprations_big.png" that we will place with the rest of the footer icons.


Sample of icon pointing to a page
<icon name="Operations" exec=":Page" params="Operations" path="/portal/Tutorials/ThrottleLauncher/how_to_add_a_new_page_to_an_existing_theme_basic/index.html"/> 


Tip: you can create icons that execute external aplications by changing the exec value to point to an exe or lnk file.

Tip: in this step ensure that you add this icon outside any order tag.

Now, if we copy the theme back to our device and reset the plugin we will see out new icon in the footer and we will be able to click it to open out page :).

If we want to make our icon and page optional and we want to be able to short the footer icons we will have to place out page and icon inside the order tags. After doing that we have to ensure that we add our page to the list of items in the order list. Commonly this list will be in the config.xml file in the configuration>variables section.

Tip: if you name your pages exactly like the icons of the footer you can use the same configuration variable to order both of them.

Good luck!


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  • Ratan Nyetta  - How to set throttlelauncher and configuration
    Dear Colleage,

    My name nyetta i would like to know how to set throttlelauncher to my Phone Pocket PC XdaIIi. windows mobile 5.0.
    and how to configure theme.

    Best Regard,
    Nyetta Ratana
  • APBilbo  - re: How to set throttlelauncher and configuration
    Read and install this: wsmobileuithrottlelauncher10rc3

    If you still have questions open a thread in the General Questions forum
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