Template for theme development (Basic)
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In this tutorial we will explain the minimum XML contents you will need to start a theme from scratch... At the end of the article you will find a sample empty theme you can use as base for your future themes Smile. Note thits xml contains several comments explaining how to configure your theme.


In order to develop ThrottleLauncher themes you need a basic knowledge of xml syntax. For quick start guide follow this link https://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML



The main file of a ThrottleLauncher setup is the config.xml. In it you will find the global configuration for the theme (General skin, GSensor, Haptic feedback, VGACompatibility, etc). To see a basic structure of a config.xml file follow this link: Wiki!. You will also see some explanations inside the XML file of the template file attached at the end of the theme.


The config.xml contains references to other xml files that define the content of each of the theme pages. In the sample you will find a home.xml file that represents the home page of the theme. Note that the first page inside the config.xml file is considered to be the home.


In order to avoid specifing things like font styles, colors, backgrounds wich every element of the setup, there are xml files that define the skin for all elements inside the referencing container. You will also find a sample of one of this files inside the sample. It mandatory to define an skin in the global configuration section of the theme, and you can optionaly specify an skin for rows or panels (using the skin attribute). Note that unlike pages, skins are referenced by the path of the folder containing the skin.xml file and not by the file itself.


To end everything up, you can take an screenshot and save if as preview.jpg inside the theme folder. This way ThrottleConfig will show the preview of your theme when selected Wink. Note that the screenshot has to be 2/3 aspect ratio.


Good luck developing!!

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