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How to get my free license

To get a license go to and:

  • If you are a gold user enter your username and password in the right login box
  • For a free 3 months license (that you can renew every month) select a product and enter the text in the image on the left box (download will start inmediatelly without asking for any further info!).



down_32Download license


* Ensure to download the licenses using IExplorer or Firefox.

What happens if my free 3 months license expires?

You will always be able to renew the license in the link above. Until you do it, don't worry, if your license expires the only drawback will be an "ugly" red message on the top of the app but everything will continue working normally.


Which are the advantages of becoming a gold user?

The difference between gold user licenses and free licenses is that free licenses are only valid for 3 months and gold user licenses are lifetime.


How do I become a gold user?

There are several ways of becoming a gold user, helping is one of them. Share your themes, skins and tricks with the comunity, give good ideas or provide constructive feedback and you'll be rewarded with a gold user account. Donators are also rewarded with a gold user account Smile. Even by donating 1€ you will automatically get your gold user license.


I've a gold user account, how do I download my license?

To license ThrottleLauncher you can use the utility available since 1.0 of ThrottleLauncher and 0.7 of ThrottleLock. To access it just open the config app and go the the about box, then click on Get License. Anter the details and download.

An alternative version to register both apps in case the above method fails is to get your device id. Check this tutorial to learn how to get it.

After that access your Gold User control panel login at the keygen and enter your device id. Ensure to select the correct product in the combo and click in generate. Now that your license is generated you can download it by clicking on the big green arrow.

Ensure to download the licenses using IExplorer or Firefox.


For manually generated licenses: Ok, I've the license.... How do I install it?

To manually install the license follow this steps:

- Connect your device to your computer.

- Go to My PC

- You will now see and icon representing your device, double click on it.

- Now search for the app folder. Note that the path depends on the media where you have installed it.

Commonly it will be something like thsi for ThrottleLauncher

  • \Program Files\ThrottleLauncher\
  • \Storage Card\Program Files\ThrottleLauncher

or like this for TrottleLock

  • \Program Files\ThrottleLock\
  • \Storage Card\Program Files\ThrottleLock

The path also depends of the languaje of the ROM, for example in a spanish ROM the path should be \Archivos de Programa\ThrottleLaucher or \Tarjeta de almacenamiento\Archivos de Programa\ThrottleLauncher. Note that the app already comes with a 3 months license so you will hace to overwrite the existing file with the new one.

- Now reset the app or perform a softreset of the device.




You will now be able to see the details of the license in the about box.


I've already donated or contributed and I haven't received a gold user account...

Gold user accounts are generated autmatically and shown right after the donation and also sent  by mail.  Eventhough there not perfect system so if you have already contributed to Throttle app's and you haven't received the account details, please forgive me, and contact me by mail at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . I'll send you the account details ASAP.


What is the licensing system meant for?

There are several targets of this licensing system:

- Increase the comunity contributions.

- Ensure that the apps are not sold without the author permission.

- Force third party download sites to post a link to the authors web or at least make the final user know where to find the original site.

- Last but not least.. increase the number of visits to the web and the donations.

Note that using the app is still free as you can always get a free license when it expires Wink.


Comments (32)
  • fndgf
    unstable at acer dx900
  • hitosakiyo
    theres only few problem i m facing,i cant open my oxford medical dictionary which i use it quite often.other than that,everything runs smoothly on my TyTn II.
  • delwyn  - integrating lcg jukebox
    hi how can i integrate lcg jukebox with throttle launcher and 1 more thing is that i would like to donate but i dont know if the payment would be taken off by my card in indian rupees or in dollars or euro i am from india
  • thanks
    can't open license folder
  • ronnieliew  - ThrottleLock

    I am new in this site. I have installed the ThrottleLock into my phone and find it is pretty cool. It is much easier to use and not as complicated as compare to the rest of the Lock software.

    Good Software! :D
  • chris
    very good program
  • Jessica Gardner  - Throttle launcher locks up on samsung omnia i910
    I can get throttle launcher to load correctly. The home screen looks pretty but it locks up my phone. When I try to touch the buttons at the bottom like the settings button or contacts button, nothing happens. I slide my finger over it and nothing happens. Help please!!!
  • Anonymous
    too slow at samsuns i900. some widget's settings doesn't work. don't like it.
  • alexandr
    too slow at samsuns i900. some widget's settings doesn't work. don't like it.
  • koelewiet  - unlicensed
    downloaded the license key and copied it to the phone. after soft reset it stil says "unlicensed"
  • APBilbo  - re: unlicensed
    koelewiet wrote:
    downloaded the license key and copied it to the phone. after soft reset it stil says "unlicensed"


    Ensure you have downloaded the Key for the apropiate software (you have to select it in the combo box, either ThrottleLauncher or ThrottleLock).

    Also ensure you have copied it to the app folder.
  • francis
    downloaded the license key and copied it to the phone. after soft reset it stil says "unlicensed" :(
  • francis
    downloaded the license key and copied it to the phone. after soft reset it stil says "unlicensed" :(
  • APBilbo  - Wich app you downloaded the license for?
    Please ensure you have downloaded the license for the correct app (you have to select it in the combo). If still having problems open a thread at the forums.
  • vance stephens
    Trying it out!
  • Kingkoo  - Thanks for Throttle's apps a lot
    I will fully support your project
    you guys are really great
  • cchapman
    How about 12 hour time instead of 24?
  • Anonymous
    Quite fair
  • David Sade  - ThrottleLock
    1. In the instructions above you forgot to mention that the licence file must be copied onto the device. It took some time to figure it out...

    2. In-spite of downloading the licence and copying it into my HD2's main memory, where the programme is installed, all I can do with the programme is to lock or unlock the phone, which is working very fine, and thanks for this nice application.

    3. BUT: I cannot get to the setup menu or anything else apart from the lockin/unlocking. Your video presentation is very inviting, but as I said I don't know how to get there as no appropriate menu or icon is shown.

    Please advise how to proceed...

    Yours faithfully,

    David Sade
  • tee  - need help
    my pc cant read the keygen file to download how can i sigh up and fix this i also like to be a gold mem...
  • liufeng
    hen hao
  • Rasel
    i've jst registered with free keygen of throttleLauncher. after soft reseting my phone it says on my today page "throttle launcher is loading... please wait...throttle launcher is showing...throttle launcher is started" again and again...what should i do now ?? :( im using LG GM750
  • Anonymous  - Mihai
    Nice app. Thank you!
  • Anonymous
    will fully support your project
    you guys are really great
  • d.zaki
    will fully support your project
    you guys are really great
  • nur  - problem
    i have installed 3 month licence,but when i restart my device ,it is always showing can't find thorttle.exe,and thorttle.lock,what is the problem eith that?
  • Anonymous
    i have installed the most new throttle launcher of today but it keeps resetting i dont know what to do please help i like your apps a lot i also have throttle lock and works great
  • isaak  - Congratulations
    Dear friends congratulations for your apps
  • faw  - Great App
    Great App!!! I Love It.
  • Anonymous
    wat d default pattern 4 o.6 version
  • Anonymous  - re:
    Anonymous wrote:
    Quite fair
  • Anonymous
    Typo: comunity --> community
    Have a nice day ;)
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