ThrotteLock First Steps

ThrotteLock First Steps

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- WM5 / 6 / 61. Device.

- Net.CF 2.0 or 3.5 installed

- 320 KB of storage space.

- 1 MB of free memory

- Will work on any device screen!

How to Install

- Download the program from the following link: [1]

- Copy it to your phone (memory or storage card) and open it using your file manager.

- Install the program onto your device main memory (so if you remove your SD card your phone will still lock).

- Soft reset your device.


Go to Start > Programs and a new entry called “Config Throttlelock” should have appeared. Double click it to open it. The locking patter should appear (press the top left-most dot, and the config application should launch. (Which looks like this):


From here you can: - Change the grid size (so you can have more dots on your lock screen)

- Change the skin you wish to use (more can be found in the forum here: [2]

- Change the locking mode (all buttons will lock every button on your phone / all but phone will lock each button, except the green / red phone buttons

- Lock automatically (this will make the program lock your phone when you turn it on

- Lock on start up (this will lock your phone after a soft-reset)

- Lock on call (this will lock your phone automatically when you receive a call)

- Exit on hibernate (will exit the locking program when your phone goes into hibernate (not suspend)