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ThrottleLauncher Files

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They are located in the root ThrottleLauncher folder (for WWE ROMs with device instalation that is \ProgramsFiles\ThrottleLauncher). All the log files are cleared any time the todya plugin reloads so if you encounter any problems while skining or while using the app, without reloading the plugin, connect the device to your PC and copy the log. Then check it to see if there are some readeable errors. If you still cannot find the source of the problem don't hesitate to make a post at the forum.

ThrottleLauncher includes 3 log files:

  • ThrottleToday.txt: includes the log info of the today plugin.
  • ThrottleLauncher.txt: logs the standalone app.
  • ThrottleConfig.txt: contains the log files of the configuration app.


Contains the info of the applications contained in your PPC to show them inside the different Themes. Normally it will not be necessary to access any files inside this folder as they are automatically handled by the ThrottleConfig app in the App categories tab.


The setups folder contains a folder for each Theme you have installed for ThrottleLauncher. Most of the themes include cab files so instalation is automatic, but if you have a theme released as zip file, normaly the instalation process will be to uncompress the zip file inside this folder.

If you want to customize a Theme, the best thing to do is make a copy of the Theme folder and modify the XML's inside it to reference the new folder.

Follow this guide to know how to make your own setup.


This folder contains the several plugins for ThrottleLauncher. Currently there are some plugins like ThrottleContacts, ThrottleCalendar or ThrottleFlashPlugin. If you are a developer and you want to create your own plugin for ThrottleLauncher follow the ThrottlePlugins guide


ThrottleLauncher includes some standalone app's developed by me. Feel free to use them where ever you like, but please give me credit and post a link to ;)

Widgets (new for 0.9.4)

This will be explained when 0.9.4 arrives ;)