ThrottleLauncher startup tutorial

ThrottleLauncher startup tutorial

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First of all you have to know that ThrottleLauncher is an app that doesn't contain any graphics or functionality, it's more like a full customizable UI Framework. So to have ThrottleLauncher working you need to have a setup installed, if you don't you'll probably get a error message telling that a setup was missing.

Throttle has the capabilities of working almost like any user interface that's currently in the market.

If you want to try some other themes follow this link: [1]


ThrottleLauncher is based on three different apps:

  • ThrottleConfig: this app is used to configure the other two.
  • ThrottleToday plugin: this app must be started by checking the plugin on the today items list.
  • ThrottleLauncher main app: this is another way of running throttle using and standalone window instead of the today plugin. You can have both running simultaneously and you can make themes that make both app's interact.

Throttlelauncher also includes some standalone utilities app's.